Custom Box Inquiry

What is a "custom box"?

A box that has cut-outs, unique dimensions,personalized color, or printing is considered a customized box. The term “custom box” is actually used to designate a specially made corrugated box that is not mass produced at a standard size.

Please consider the following questions when determining your decision on purchasing a "custom box":

  1. Have you determined the perfect inside dimensions for your product and a stock box does not match your need?
  2. Have you found a stock box that is just right but you would like to add your logo and information to it?
  3. Have you determined your size and do not want to buy thousands at a time?
  4. Do you need your warehouse storage space for your products and for storing your custom cartons?
  5. Do you need a company that can offer an affordable custom solution before buying in large quantities?

If you answered yes or maybe to any of the above 5 questions then Quick Product Solutions is your single source supplier for cost effective solutions. We work with several industry leading manufacturer's to provide a unique range of product types and flexible quantity requirements. Whether you need 50 or 50,000 we have you covered. From concept to fulfillment QPS delivers on time every time.To get your custom boxes quoted, we ask that you please complete the following information:

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Inside dimensions of your box (in inches)? Length (L) x Width (W) x Depth (D): 

Desired Quantity Range:                                               
1000 or more

Carton Strength:                                                                                            
200# or 32 ECT Single Wall
275# or 51 ECT Double Wall

Exterior Carton Color:                                                                                                         

Custom Print Required: Yes No
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