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Corrugated - Regular Slotted Container - Boxes manufactured in 200# Test Mullen or 32 ECT C Flute - Boxes are kraft (brown) inside and outside - Dimensions listed are inside dimensions - First dimension is Length, followed by Width and the Depth - First number after Depth is the quantity of eaches per bundle followed by the quantity of eaches per pallet.
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Bubble Packaging may be the ideal choice for protecting all types of fragile products.  Bubble packaging is attractive, clean, light-weight and versatile.  Made from flexible polyethylene sheeting encapsulating air pockets or "bubbles", this cushioning offers versatility of application.  Its uniqueness is that it accommodates an unlimited variety of sizes and shapes of products requiring cushioning, surface protection and void fill.
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Adhesive Tapes come in a variety of designs, color and thickness which can make choosing extremely difficult.  Our tape choices are manufactured by industry leading companies and will meet any requirement.   Our tape choices include: Carton sealing tape, Double sided tape, Duct tape, Masking tape, Filament tape, Water activated tape, Paper tape and Dispensers. more info
PELASPAN-PAC® Storopack's loose-fill to cushion and protect package contents including: Lighting and Electrical, Supplies, Electronic Parts, Automotive Parts, Plumbing Supplies, Office Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Musical Instruments, Home Decor, Books, Health and Beauty Aids, Toys and Games.  Available in traditional White, Pink Antistatic, White Antistatic and Biodegradable. more info