In order to provide you with the best customer service, Quick Product Solutions asks that each customer who has chosen the "Customer Pick-Up" or "Will Call" option to call prior to coming to the warehouse.  An appointment time is necessary to ensure each order has been processed and is available for pickup.  In most circumstances your order will generally become available for pick up on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday depending on the day your order is placed.

Quick Product Solutions will send two notifications to customers that have chosen the "Customer Pick-Up" or "Will Call" options under the delivery service portion of the order placement.  The first notification will be our "Thank You" message acknowledging that an order has been placed.  Upon review of each order, a Quick Product Solutions customer service representative will send a second email notification indicating when the product will be available for pickup.

Customer Service: (602) 761-4000

Pickup Address:
54 North 45th Avenue
Suite E
Phoenix, AZ 85043

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