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Shrink Films manufactured by industry leading companies and will meet any requirement. Dimensions listed are roll width followed by roll length and then the performance gauge/thickness.

Although most consumers do not know the difference in pallet wraps we have provided some basic information between PVC and Polyolefin films.

PVC Shrink Film : This type of shrink wrap used on a variety of applications. Commonly used for packaging boxes, CD and DVD, software and other non edible items. Poly Vinyl Chloride film is the third most produced plastic in the world and is very economical. PVC shrink will release small quantities of hydrogen chloride into the air and proper ventilation is required and not recommended on food items.

Polyolefin Shrink Film : This type of shrink wrap is the preferred choice for packaging edible items. Ideal for edible and non edible items because of its superior seal strength, low odor emissions and flexible storage. Polyolefin has no chlorine or plasticizers allowing for a wide range of temperatures for storage which will prevent hardening and softening issues within different environments.

Polyolefin Shrink Film - Excellent performance on all types of manual, semi-automatic and automatic equipment.  This mulit-layer, biaxiallly oriented film requires no dwell time.   more info
Multi-purspose heat guns can be used for a variety of applications. Commonly used for: shrink film applications, pipe thawing, removing paint/varnish,
more info