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What is a "custom print"?

An item that has unique images and/or text directly or indirectly applied to it is considered custom print. The term “custom print” is actually used to designate a specially printed carton that is not mass produced for general consumption. A one color direct print is the most economical format.  Did you know that by adding branding graphics to your package, you insure that your company will be associated with the product inside.  A customer’s first impression of your company is often when the package arrives. A professional appearance will enhance your customer’s perception of you and increase the chance they will return, and recommend you to others.

Please consider the following questions when determining your decision on purchasing a "custom print" application:

  1. Have you determined print format?  One or multiple color direct print versus a litho label?
  2. Do you have camera ready artwork?
  3. Have you determined your size and possible quantity you want to purchase? 
  4. Do you need a company that can offer an affordable custom solution before buying in large quantities?
If you answered yes or maybe to any of the above 4 questions then Quick Product Solutions is your single source supplier for cost effective solutions.  We work with several industry leading manufacturer's to provide a unique range of product types and flexible quantity requirements.  Whether you need 50 or 50,000 we have you covered.  From concept to fulfillment QPS delivers on time every time.  Please complete the information form below to begin the custom item process and please include information described above.

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