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Display-Type Boxes

Retail displays are being formed in non-traditional ways. Warehouse-type retailers have had an impact on this development.

Filled, sealed boxes of product may be grouped as a display. The effect can be striking when full-color pictures of the product appear on the face panels.

A mass grouping of boxes of product, with the top few boxes open, may be used. These top boxes may be cut down to trays, or have cut-outs providing access to the product. When this display format is known in advance, the box manufacturer can develop a shipping container with access panels or other display features.

Counter displays are designed to stimulate impulse sales, usually at the service or check-out counter. The unit may consist of a tray of product and a colorful header card, packaged together in an outer shipping container.

Floor display/shippers are pre-packaged units that contain everything needed to erect a full floor-stand display, including the product. A large try may be used, perhaps with dividers or partitions. A large header card, and a folded shell that will become the floor base, are included in the shipping container.

Floor displays are free-standing units packaged unassembled, and without product, in a shipping container. They may be designed to hold several cases of separately shipped product, or a few samples, or to call attention to a product on a nearby shelf. Designs range from simple dumps bins to elaborate houses, trees, and treasure chests. They must be easy to assemble, and have the structural strength to hold the product and take the abuse of shoppers for the period of time they will be in use.