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Slide-Type Boxes

Two or more rectangular, scored pieces of board are folded so that each forms a tube or shell. The pieces then slide into or onto each other to complete the box.

Slide-type boxes are easily opened and closed. They are usually made in small sizes, and used for products shipped via Parcel Post and small shipment services.

The carrier Classifications refer to these styles as Slide Style Boxes.

Double-Slide Box - Formed from two pieces of board, the style provides two thicknesses on the side panels for stacking strength, and one thickness on all other panels. The bottom and top surfaces are unbroken.

Very similar, but with a different combination is the Single-Lined Slide. Here, the two thicknesses are in the end panels. There is no International Box Code for this style, but each piece can be identified separately; the outer shell is 0904, and the inner piece is 0909.

Triple-Slide Box - Formed from three pieces of board, the style provides two thicknesses of board on all six panels.

The extra strength and cushioning ability make the box well suited for fragile items, including pharmaceuticals.

The International Box Codes for the parts of a Triple-Slide Box are 0906 for the outer shell, 0904 for the middle piece, and 0907 for the inner piece.